Faculty & Research Affiliates

Kelly Russell


Research Interests: 

My interests are in volcanology and igneous petrology as related to the formation, transport and eruption of magma.

Lori Kennedy


Research Interests: 

Deformation within the lithosphere is often accommodated by the development of large-scale fault systems and shear zones. My research interests focus on the mechanisms by which faults and shear zones develop and how they accommodate displacements (both in brittle and ductile regimes). I am particularly interested in evaluating the role that fluids and fluid-rock interactions play in weakening or strengthening shear zones, especially with respect to strain localization and the initiation of transient, high strain rate events.

Maya Kopylova

Associate Professor

Research Interests: 

Mantle Petrology, Diamonds and Diamondiferous Rocks

Lucy Porritt

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Research Interests: 

Volcanology of kimberlites and other low viscosity magmas

Ben Edwards

Associate Professor of Earth Science, Dickinson College

Research Interests: 

Ben's research foci are glaciovolcanism (interactions between volcanoes and ice, including the formation of pillow lava and cooling joints), petrological imaging of lithospheric stratigraphy (using xenoliths from Neogene to Recent volcanoes in the North American Cordillera), and applications of theoretical models for understanding the transport and crystallization of silicate melts. His other interests include mineralogy, environmental hazards, the history of science, and the influence of plate tectonics on almost everything.

Mike Heap

Research Interests: 

Michael is a lecturer in rock physics at the École et Observatoire des Sciences de la Terre (University of Strasbourg). Michael is primarily interested consequence of deformation (dilation, compaction) on rock physical (permeability, porosity, elastic moduli, ultrasonic wave velocities) and mechanical (strength) properties. He is particularly interested by the slow deformation of rocks. Michael's recent focus has been the deformation of volcanic rocks.

Steve Quane

Faculty member of Quest University Canada

Research Interests: 

PhD, Welding Processes in Pyroclastic Deposits
Thesis: Welding in pyroclastic deposits

After discovering his love of volcanoes at the University of Colorado in Boulder during his undergraduate career, and cementing his knowledge while studying Kilauea Volcano at the University of Hawaii, Steve came north for his PhD at the University of British Columbia. He studied experimental volcanology, publishing several papers during his stay in Vancouver.

Graham Andrews

Research Interests: 

Continental tectonics and magmatism

Daniele Giordano

Research Affiliate

Research Interests: 

Daniele is currently a Research Scientist at the Jaume Almera Institute of Earth Sciences of the Spanish Council for Scientific Research (CSIC).

Terence Gordon

Honorary Professor, Professor Emeritus from University of Calgary

Research Interests: 

Theoretical and numerical techniques applied to chemical thermodynamics
and transport processes in geology, field studies of metamorphic rocks.